Pirates in a battle.

Pirate Storm

The sea is calling

Pirates in a battle.
About the game

Start your devastation journey online now!
Cock your harpoons and make fish food out of huge sea monsters. Send your opponents to the bottom of the sea and let them feel the firepower of your cannonballs: maltreat them until only wreckage is left! Fight for fame and gold!

No matter whether you go into battle against the computer opponents or real opponents: The Pirate Game PirateStorm blasts so much action at your ears that your eye patch will fly off!
In the PirateStorm pirate game, set sail as a simple landlubber and make a name for yourself on the high seas. Battle by battle, you'll rise up the ranks until you finally become a feared pirate spreading fear and terror on the seas.

Reload the cannons: PirateStorm is a furious online pirate game with continuous action! Play now for free.