Your railroad empire

Rail Nation

Your railway company

Your railroad empire
About "Rail Nation"

Found a powerful railway company in the free browser game Rail Nation!
Plan your strategic routes, use the right engines and work with other players in associations to build your very own railway empire. Playing with and against thousands of other players, your task in Rail Nation is to advance through six historic eras from the age of steam engines through to diesel locomotives and modern trains.
The grand endgame takes place at the end of each game round the ultimate contest for the railway crown.

Players can choose from over 150 realistic 3 D locomotives and 48 types of waggons In direct competition with other companies, your objective is to increase your personal reputation and assets, as well as your association's prestige. At the beginning of the game, a small city has to be supplied with goods. By providing certain goods deliveries, the city soon grows and so does your company. Over time, more and more cities can be supplied with a total of 48 different goods.

The more efficiently you plan your routes and schedules, the faster you will earn valuable money for purchasing new engines and improving the infrastructure of your train station. In associations, close cooperation with friends and fellow players is absolutely essential. By working together, you can acquire famous workers that give you privileges as the game progresses.
But you should always keep a watchful eye on the competition. Because at the end, only one association will come out on top.

Expand the rail network.
Numerous railway buildings.
Discover a large collection of digital train models online.