Build your own empire.

Goodgame Empire

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Build your own empire.
About the game

Goodgame Empire: The ingenious construction and strategy game
Play the browser game Goodgame Empire at MAIL.COM Games: You can immediately start playing online on your computer and laptop and become king of your own empire. Simply register for free and without obligation - and you're ready to go. No download is necessary!

Goal in this unique online strategy game:
You fight and conquer, you have to forge intrigues, form alliances, send out spies and destroy your opponents: Military tactics are required, social skills as well as economic and logistical foresight. You are king, lord of the castle, finance minister and supreme commander all in one. In short, you are the boss here!
But the constructive and well-considered construction of a functioning community, a thriving city with satisfied citizens and flourishing businesses is also enormously important: only those who collect plenty of taxes can ultimately spend enough money on city construction, armies and soldiers. This free online game is an exciting strategy game that will transport you in real time to a very unique medieval world.

Here, all tricks are allowed to stay in power
Patiently and intelligently build your own world - from level to level it gets more and more exciting, the possibilities grow, your strategies are allowed to become more sophisticated. For fans of hard battles as well as for players who like to ponder and develop strategies, Goodgame Empire is the perfect online game. And you're not alone: with more than 70 million gamers in a huge fan community, Goodgame Empire is one of the world's most popular massively multiplayer strategy games.

Plan your attack.
Buil you own castle.
Daily quests.