The Capitol in Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires

Your village, your game - be the king in this online strategy game!

The Capitol in Forge of Empires
About the game

Your village, your game - Forge of Empires: you are the king in this online strategy game!

In this popular real-time strategy game you have to successfully lead your small town through different eras and adapt to the respective circumstances in a strategically, tactically and economically smart way. Let your small village grow continuously and steadily: in the beginning you only have a relatively small building site at your disposal, but you can expand it little by little. In terms of resources, you have a certain number of coins, which are collected via residential buildings, and your own production facilities, where your supplies and goods such as stones, wood or iron are manufactured.

Besides a construction area, on which you'll build not only houses, of course, but also cultural sites, army barracks, other production sites and goods buildings, the game also has a timeline on which the respective eras are marked. You'll also always see the battle area where the armies are fighting each other and the map of the continents whose provinces still need to be conquered.

Level by level: a real strategy and tactics game
Different levels of development characterize each era, and in order to move from one era to the next, you naturally need more modern technologies, new production possibilities, more combat units, and more cultural facilities.

You get the goods either by producing and trading with other players or by raiding your neighbors: you can compete against real players or against computer-controlled opponents.

The map of continents, which is divided into individual provinces, can be revealed by coins. To conquer a province, you can either negotiate with your opponent, pay with goods or go into battle mode. Whether peacefully or by force, conquered provinces contain either more building space, higher levels of goods for even better production, or rewards in the form of coins and supplies. 

A realistic massively multiplayer online game 
It's not for nothing that Forge of Empires was the winner of the MMO Award in 2013 in the category "Best Strategy Browser MMO". The way you successfully trade, advance research and technological development, produce goods or get money to build armies and invade other countries in this browser-based online game provides a fascinating reflection of the motives and motivations of different eras or ages!