Play with the elves

Arkheim - Realms at War

Pure strategy

Play with the elves

Arkheim – Realms At War - Register now to play for free! Unite in a Realm with players from all over the world and lead it to war over territorial control and powerful Orbs.



Culture: The beauty of Arkheim's Elves is only surpassed by their ruthlessness. Enter their ranks and experience a life free of any law but one – the law of the jungle.

Combat: Menacing warriors and feral beasts tear up the front lines, while plant-based artillery crushes any last resistance.



Culture: Dwarves are united in their vision to put everything in perfect shape, which in their eyes, is a well-polished cube. They will relentlessly hammer away at rocks, mountains, and foes until their grand vision is complete.

Combat: Forgers of the sturdiest armor and heaviest weapons, the Dwarves' armies consist of unflinching soldiers and devastating artillery.

Dwarves against elves.
Build your epic city.
Ascend together.