Seafight Return of the Ice Queen


The Return of the Ice Queen

Seafight Return of the Ice Queen

Do you feel that chill in your bones? Do you see the waves turning to white? Winter is falling on Nautica, a snowy curse rising in its wake. To arms, captain! The Ice Queen has awoken, and she will stop at nothing to plunge the world into an eternal winter.

The stage is set for another frosty showdown this winter during The Return of the Ice Queen event! Get hold of all six ship parts in order to be rewarded with the brand new ship design. But don’t be fooled into thinking this will be an easy task - your mettle will be tested to its limits throughout the whole event!

To get your hands on all the precious parts of the ship you’ll have to prove yourself by completing a series of challenging tasks. From opening enough calendar doors, searching through Event Chests or finishing near the top of the Yuletide ranking - only the bravest pirates will sail away in the new ship! Other death-defying events include the thrilling Ice Queen group map and the Domination Arena!

Visit the Black Market and exchange your hard-earned Gingerbread Men for classic ships and pets from the past as well as a brand new pet and Ice Queen Figurehead! Here you’ll also find a selection of Seafight’s finest buff items and, last but not least, some old favorites; Snowmen, Winter Lights and Candles!

Runtime (30.11.2021 - 04.01.2022)