Your railroad empire birthday event

Rail Nation

Happy 9th Birthday!

Your railroad empire birthday event
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Rail Nation: Happy 9th Birthday!
With 2022 now underway, we're officially celebrating 9 years of Rail Nation! Happy birthday to us! 

We want to thank you, the community, for everything you've done over the best part of a decade. You've forged friendships, made memories and pushed us to create the best version of Rail Nation. And for that, we're forever grateful. Your feedback, opinions and constructive criticism have helped guide our plans for Rail Nation's future and what a bright future it will be! So, from the entire Rail Nation Team:
Thank you. 

Now then, we can't have a birthday without a celebration, can we!?
When you create a new Rail Nation account or avatar, you'll receive a free starter bonus worth €10.
What's more, you can redeem the voucher code "9-BIRTHDAY" in the game, which is worth over €15.

To thank the community, we want to officially invite you all to our biggest live stream event so far! On 27th January from 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm (CET), your Community Communications Manager "DippyNikki" will be joined by several special guests to help celebrate and reward the Rail Nation community! 

There will also be a special event for you to win some goodies, unlock bonus codes and earn the first Community Conductor title of 2022!