Go to the market in Big Farm.

Big Farm

Farm life at its best

Go to the market in Big Farm.
About the game

Goodgame BigFarm: Become a successful farmer in this popular strategy and simulation game!
An uncle has left you a farm, which is unfortunately in a disastrous condition. This means that there are big tasks ahead of you in Goodgame BigFarm, so roll up your sleeves already! Fortunately, you love animals and nature, have good social contacts and a talent for economics: 

With economic skills and the help of your neighbors, family and friends, you'll turn the overgrown farm into a pretty little farm that's self-sustaining again. You'll intuitively plant the right crops or the appropriate fruits, vegetables as well as flowers, make sure they are well processed, take care of the animals in a caring way and make sure your farm staff is satisfied. Because you know: Only with these ingredients will this be a good running project!

In the course of the online game, other farms will be unlocked in addition to your actual farm: On gourmet farm and flower farm you can build additional buildings, grow more products and thus earn even more money.

However, to be able to cultivate these farms, you need to have reached a certain level. There are various time-limited events (e.g. Island Farm or Winter Farm) as well as exclusive starter packs, bonus packs, avatars, SUPER fertilizer and more. Of course, in this massively multiplayer online game you can and should also team up with other players and help each other. Some game content can only be unlocked through targeted player alliances!

The flower-farm in Goodgame Big Farm.
Play with other players.
A lot of exciting events.