Big Farm

New building!

Hello Farmers,

Notice how it’s been getting warmer around your farm? Obviously, the seasons are changing but we have something in store for you this update and it’s hot hot hot. The Obsidian Farm is in the works and you can help our researchers to make it habitable for plants, animals and your new farmhouse! Let’s get into it.

The Research Lab opens

In order to make sure our Obsidian Farm project is a success, we need research! Your farmhouse now contains the freshly installed research lab. Your first research involves an upgrade to your lab and farmhouse to level 11. This enables you to go deeper into the craft and allows you to research several things via progression trees. Among the things you can then research is the Obsidian Farm which opens once you finish your research on it.

To start researching, you will need obsidian, which can be earned from Farmer’s League participation rewards. It might take a little until you can start and finish the big Obsidian Farm project but trust me, it will be worth it!

What does the Obsidian Farm do?

Once you open the gates to the Obsidian Farm and start farming over there, you will notice it’s a permanent farm! Start farming and you’ll be able to set up new orchards to make dragon fruit and plums or raise orcas and lizards!

You’ll be able to produce seeds, humus and more, first unlocked via the research lab, and use them on your other farms. In essence, the Obsidian Farm is a major supporter of your other main farms and improves your farming life massively.