The sweet farming game.


Off to your own farm

The sweet farming game.
About the game

Who has the most beautiful farm in the country?
Build your own farm with animals, farming equipment, fields and great decorations! Not only must it be efficient, but your farm should also be pleasing to the eye. Plant decorative trees or high-yield fields. Start with cress, wheat and lettuce and keep discovering new plants for your farm.

From sowing to harvesting!
Immediately after sowing, you can take care of your plants. You can accelerate the time until harvest by fertilizer, water and further care. With the harvested plants you can go to the market and offer them to other players for sale or even stock up on more seeds yourself. Do you also build chicken coops or maybe a raccoon coop on your farm? You decide!

Production has to be learned.
In the mill you can mix different feeds to sell or for your animal breeding. For example, you make chicken feed from wheat so that your chicken coops are always well supplied.

Let yourself be enchanted by the fantastic farm world.
Numerous events take place throughout the year and provide you with great decorations for your farm in Farmerama, because the farm should also look pretty. Visit other farms and discover new things like the cinema in the city or take a trip to the pirate bay or the full moon world!

Play together, chat with other farmers and just have fun!

Colorful farming life.
A ton of beautiful decorations.
Plant vegetables at your fields.