Epic battles in 3D


Epic battles in 3D

Epic battles in 3D
About the game

The shadows of the past spread fear and terror: The mighty dragon of the Otherworld rises again! Join warriors or mages, fight heroically in epic battles and protect humanity! This fantasy role-playing game takes you into a magnificent 3D world. Prepare for battle alone or with other players: gain power and strength and defeat the creatures of the Otherworld.

Experience the new part of the famous Drakensang saga online now. Immerse yourself in an epic story and assert yourself in grandiose multiplayer battles. Explore dark dungeons in cooperative gameplay, join your companions as a group and defeat mighty dragons, or stand alone as a brave adventurer in the swamps, forests, caves and PvP arenas of this fantasy epic.

Explore new worlds.
Improve your fighter.
Exciting fights.