Explore Mars.

Mars Tomorrow

Be a space pioneer

Explore Mars.
Be a space pioneer on Mars Tomorrow!

Mars is known as the Red Planet but this is going to change in Mars Tomorrow.
You inhabit the hostile planet and start turning it into a green and habitable place. Terraforming allows you to grow a sustainable economy and create a new place for living – soon called home.
You take the role of a brave space pioneer – joining millions of real players. Together you become the last hope for humanity and build a massive transportation network on Mars.

Can you overcome all obstacles, make crucial decisions, and deliver all required resources on time?

  • Up to thousands of real players per server
  • Build a complex logistic and transport network
  • Transporters move in real-time
  • 8 different terraforming phases
  • Huge Tech tree with over 100 different researches
  • Legendary vehicles and plugins
  • Complex resource system
  • Regular updates with new content
  • Growing guilds in a huge community
Colonize Mars.
Research improvements.
Buy vehicles.