Halloween event in Goodgame Empire.

Goodgame Empire

Event: Soul Collector

Halloween event in Goodgame Empire.

The Soul Collector event will start by on October 22 and last until November 5

❖ At the start of the event players will receive a certain amount of a new currency called “souls”
❖ When players attack others they can steal souls from the other player
❖ The amount of souls at the end of the event will be calculated and translated into rewards
❖ At the event end players can spend rubies (in-game currency) to buy the rewards that they didn't manage to collect during the event
❖ With specific skins and boosters player can steal more souls from the other players
❖ Souls will be deleted after the event ends
❖ The event is skinnable and can be used for other festival days


Event: Nail-biter event

❖ Halloween themed long-term event collaborating with other major in-game events
❖ Players can participate from level 50 on and receive points during LTPE runtime
❖ The event will grant powerful rewards based on the players points and ranking
❖ The LTPE event will be available from October 8 to November 2


Free Gift

❖ Available from October 8 until November 2
❖ Active from level 6 onwards for new and existing players
❖ Claimable 24 hours after login during the aforementioned timeframe


Offers: Sale Days

❖ Runtime: October 22 - November 1
❖ Offering amazing Halloween themed content
❖ Up to 300% bonus content for all users