Off we go to the Roaring Twenties


Off we go to the Roaring Twenties

Off we go to the Roaring Twenties
About the game

Off we go to the Roaring Twenties!
Feel like the great Gatsby as you roll the reels next to the noble mansion in the glow of the moonlight. Choose your bet and click start - the more game chips you invest, the higher your winnings! Combine colorful symbols like tinkling champagne glasses, fancy cars, or Gatsby himself, while the snappy soundtrack is guaranteed to transport you back to the mood of the 1920s.

Of course, Gatsby is also about love. Because even though Jay Gatsby is bursting with wealth, it's longing for Daisy, the love of his life. If Gatsby appears on reels 1 or 2 and Daisy on reels 4 or 5, a mini-game is triggered: the two symbols move towards each other on the reels, leaving behind wild symbols, which can bring you big wins.
So, for once, in Gatsby, luck in the game means luck in love! 

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