Forge of Empires

NEW: Wildlife-Event

Dear Kings and Queens,

Summer is the time for adventure, and what is a better adventure than a Wildlife Park! Trek through plains and forests. See the beauty of animals thriving in their natural habitat. While the journey will be rewarding in many senses, keen-eyed adventurers may discover a pattern in the Pawprints left behind. Tracking these may lead to secret locations yet unblemished by humans. For any willing to make this journey, there could be some extra rewards in store!

The Wildlife Event is a completely new event for 2021! For this event, we also have a completely new mechanic that we cannot wait to share with you! The Wildlife Event will begin on July 13th, and run until the 2nd of August!

At the beginning of the Event you meet Diane, who is a biologist at the Wildlife Park, and responsible for groundbreaking research within her field. As a unique opportunity, she has contracted you in as her assistant and will introduce you to the park workers, animals, and habitats!

As the Main Guest Giver, she will give you 34 rush quests, and 21 daily quests. To begin the Event, please open the Event Dialogue, and you will see the Wildlife Event Window!

Start Your Adventure now!

  • 26 Goods & 11 Forge Points
  • Attacking Bonus For Defending Armies
  • Defending Bonus For Defending Armies
  • 32 Goods & 13 Forge Points
  • A Large Supply Boost!
  • 23 Goods & 10 Forge Points
  • Attacking Bonus For Attacking Armies
  • Defending Bonus For Attacking Armies

Grand Prize
You are probably wondering what we have in store in terms of the reward, right? Well, brand-new Event, means brand-new Grand Prize! Allow us to present the Mountain Reserve!
It is a 4x6 Building with 7 levels. From level 1, it will provide Coins and Medals boosts, and when motivated, it will provide Goods and Forge Points. These boosts will improve each time you level up, until level 7, where you will be met with 3 brancheable end choices.

You can select the Bear Mountain, Moose Mountain, or Eagle Mountain. Each complete with its own unique bonus, what will you decide on?