The art of war in Conflict of Nations.

Conflict of Nations

Season 6 has arrived

The art of war in Conflict of Nations.

The introduction of Season 6 opens a new chapter in CON with the new elite unit marking the debut of a brand-new unit feature: Deploy Armament. This feature allows units to deploy military equipment directly to the frontlines, paving the way for a new generation of tactics.

Season 6 features the Elite UGV, a highly flexible unit that adds a significant layer of protection to infantry deployed in hotspots across the globe. It is designed to excel in urban operations and can engage targets in densely populated areas with surgical precision, reducing collateral damage and keeping infrastructure intact. Mechanized Infantry, Naval Infantry, and Special Forces can deploy the Elite UGV.

Over the past months the team has reworked existing systems, introduced new systems, and added a new resource, Deployable Gear, in order to bring the Deploy Armament feature to life. In future, it will finally allow us to create new, exciting units that have been requested over the years, such as landmines, and further push the tactical boundaries of CON.

Introducing: The Unmanned Ground Vehicle

A multi-mission capable unit, utilizing robotic systems, able to be deployed by Mechanized, Naval, or Special Forces Infantry only. The command and control of the UGV is handled using a tactical robot controller - the Unmanned Ground Vehicle adds an extra layer of protection and support for your boots on the ground. It is extremely effective in Urban and Suburban terrain.
Note: The new unit will only be available in NEW games which are spawned after release

Tier 1 characteristics
  • Low HP
  • Urban/Sub-Urban terrain: Fast, Increased Sight Range & no speed penalties
  • Good damage against infantry
  • Low to Moderate damage against armored
  • Low damage to Helicopters
  • No damage to buildings or population

Tier 2 characteristic

  • Provides minor Attack Stat bonus to Infantry in same stack
  • Ignores entrenchment bonus (for UGV only)
  • Reveals Stealth units
  • NBC Protection
  • Provides Major Defensive Attack Stat bonus to Infantry in same stack

Tier 3 characteristic

  • Increased Radar range (50-75)
  • Significantly reduced speed penalty in hostile terrain
  • Security Council members need 2,000 Points in this Season to unlock the UGV once the Season is over
Elite Railgun
Elite Railgun makes a comeback - for a limited time!

The Railgun is making a return! Those of you who haven’t had a chance to permanently unlock this destructive unit before can now have another crack at it during Season 6!
Security Council members need 1,000 Points in this Season for permanent unlock of the Railgun.

In case this is your first Season, here’s a rundown how Seasons work:

Earn Season Points by killing units in any of your games - they all count!

Try out the unique Seasonal Units, available to everyone!

(NOTE: Only available for new games starting now)


Season 6 and 4 Units can be researched from a new tab in the Research Panel. Any Elite units you have already unlocked from previous seasons are fully able to be mobilized in any game of your choice!

In order to permanently unlock the Seasonal Unit and use it after the Season ends you must earn at least 1,000 Season Points for the Railgun, 2,000 Seasonal Points for the UGV, and have also valid Security Council Pass.

Fight again other nations.
USA map.
Attack your enemies.
Introducing: The Unmanned Ground Vehicle