Call of war - the end of the war. Halloween event.

Call of War

All Countries: All In!

Call of war - the end of the war. Halloween event.

Dear generals,

Did you ever want to take the reigns of the smaller nations that participated in World War 2? Now is the time, because according to the motto ‘all countries, all-in’ you can choose any historical nation that existed in 1939 in this Event. Try to grow a small country into a big empire or pick an established superpower and surround yourself with allies. Recreate history or conquer the whole world in this historical battle scenario!


Event Details:

  • Historical world map with borders of 1939
  • 73 players: Every nation of 1939 playable
  • No AI countries
  • Country selection enabled
  • Starts-when-full
  • Starting conditions are balanced historically
  • AI & human player peace period of 24 real-life hours
  • 2x speed


During the sign-up period the event maps can be found at the top of the games list. Join these event map to participate.

We wish you good luck and much fun!