Become a pirate.


Wild sea battles

Become a pirate.
About the game

Exciting adventures and wild sea battles await you on your endless quest for honor, glory and riches. Prove yourself in battle against enemy pirates and monstrous sea creatures and earn a reputation as an expert captain of your own ship.

Seafight is an exciting free2play fantasy game full of thrilling real-time action. Explore randomly generated 3D maps and the intelligent level system, and sail the seas in sunshine as well as in the cloak of nighttime darkness.
In Seafight, players compete against human opponents in a live environment and control every detail in a unique real-time 3D environment in the browser. Thanks to the wide range of characters and collectible equipment, Seafight's pirate action provides countless hours of fun!

Get on board for this unique adventure!

Fight against other pirates.
Discover new islands.
Rule the seas.